Film as a synthetic art formThe relevance of these issues is obvious. The cinema is today the most popular form of arts. The art of cinema through the synthesis of diverse elements has the widest possible impact. The more important questions relating to the methods and boundaries of cooperation of these different elements of film in General. This problem still has not been investigated in the cognitive-theoretical basis nor in relation to cinema as a synthetic art, or against other kinds of synthetic arts – Opera, ballet, etc. some of these issues are discussed in articles V. Sarbach, N. Fig, 3. Lissa. Continue reading

Cinema as a synthetic art formParents called the cinema theatre and photography. But, if you look, and these types of synthetical art. The cinema has absorbed everything art, reworked and transformed. You could even say “raised better” and multiplied.
From literature to the cinema went to the plot, the characters with their complicated characters, and poetic imagery. Painting has taught cinema to go with the colors and their combination, to work with perspective and composition. From the sculpture borrowed filigree work with light and volume. Taught music to create mood and harmony… all kinds of art is best shared their traditions with me. To it, as that of Rembrandt, the sculptures of Pheidias and polykleitos – helped us to see the true beauty. Continue reading

LightLight is an important component of the artistic image. In domestic lighting the most beautiful face will look flat and “soulless”. The correct lighting can create a unique image, to transfer the soap and the mood is not only a separate subject, but also the whole composition. The cinema is unthinkable without light. The basic principles are destroyed, disappears poetics, there is a routine and mediocrity.
Any cinematic image can be build using two main types of illumination (or their combination), giving different characteristics to the removed object:
1) the light is concentrated, directed, sharply revealing the form of objects; creating a deep shadow, he clearly outlines the contour of the illuminated object; Continue reading

The concept of "art"In order to talk about film as art form, you need to understand that we are investing in these concepts. A modern dictionary defines art as art in General – literature, architecture, sculpture, painting, graphics, decorative arts, music, dance, theatre, cinema, etc. In the history of aesthetics the essence of art was interpreted as an imitation (mimesis), the expression of supersensual sensual, artistic creative development of the world, etc. In a narrow sense – visual arts, or a high degree of skill in any field. The concept of “art” — the main structural element of the system of artistic culture. Fine art reveals the diversity of the world through plastic and coloristic materials.
Literature includes all shades of creativity, embodied in the word. Music has to deal not only with the sound of the human voice, but with a rich timbre created by natural and technical devices (musical instruments). Architecture and decorative arts – through the existing space in material design and things that meet practical and spiritual needs of people is complex and diversified species Express their certainty. Each of the art forms has its peculiar genera, and genres (i.e., domestic varieties). The arts are part of a single social phenomenon, each of them refers to art in General, as a private to the General. Continue reading

Dramatic background and create a scenario“What film produces the strongest effect?
The one that looks like a single unit. Grabbed you from the very beginning to the very end drags, where he needs”. (A. Mitta)
The most important thing in dealing with any on-screen work is the choice of the topic. The film should reveal something new, important, exciting or intriguing, with it, the thoughts contained in the film is to be shown concisely, is clear. This film will bring satisfaction both to You personally and Your viewers. The creation of the script always begins with the selection of themes. Choose only that which You truly are interested in as it is the presence of personal interest is one of the main factors determining the final quality of a film. insurance for travel abroad Sberbank Continue reading

Color“Just started working with color, I understand the nostalgia of my teacher P. S. Kogan on b/W film – no color in itself gives the picture on the screen babytobee “sound”, throws it into the art system.”
The law of color contrast is well known to many by experience, when in everyday life they appreciate the combinations of colors. The interaction of different colors and take into account when choosing colors of fabrics for clothing. They say that in one case someone is color pink, someone blue, someone makes you look pale yellow, etc. Translating this into the language of color, we can say that, for example, yellow color induces in the neighbouring area of skin and shades of purple can give it a ghastly, unpleasant for the eyes shade. A similar effect causes a bright red, giving the face a greenish hue, etc., choosing the Wallpaper color to the color of the draperies or the color of the tie to the color of the suit and shirt, we deal with the phenomenon and the laws of simultaneous, successive and mixed contrast color. Continue reading

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